CastawaysDrama  was created at the end of 2012 by a bunch of friendly, fun people with a passion for theatre, who got together to form an amateur drama group with the aim of putting on shows for the public, while enjoying ourselves in the process! We soon found some fantastic directors and several talented and versatile players, as well as the creative, indefatigable crew we would all be lost without.


We are based in La Souterraine, 23300 Creuse, and are a French Association in our own right, which means that the town of La Souterraine very kindly lets us use its premises - usually L'Ancienne Mairie - for meetings, rehearsals and performances. 


Parlez-vous français?

Some of us do but our working language is English.  If English isn't your mother-tongue, pas de soucis, it's a great opportunity to practice! We have several French members who have all taken part in the shows.


Drama workshops

From time to time, we run various theatre-related workshops that are intended to develop theatre skills, including voice production, characterisation, stage makeup, stage presence and awareness, "singing" for non-singers, movement... These confidence-building skills are invaluable for everyone, not just thespians! So if you have a spark of interest, keep visiting our site, and there'll be more info soon. This is a great way for you to find out whether you'd like to join us.


No acting skills are required for our playreadings. Just pitch in and enjoy! 

Whether you're in it just for the fun, to get to know obscure or well-known plays better, or if you're interested in being involved at a later stage (no pun intended), don't miss out!


Past productions 

In November 2018, we diverted from our norm and performed a short play followed by a mix of monologues and sketches. 

Our production in December 2017, "Crossed Wireless", was written and directed by Paul Freeman, who is also our soundman, with more years than he admits to working at the BBC. This play was loosely based on his experience there and our audiences enjoyed its sophisticated, witty dialogue, laced with a touch of slapstick. 

In December 2016, our production "Sex Please, We're Sixty!", written by Michael Parker & Susan Parker and directed by Margau Wright, was our first venture into the genre of farce. It drew in the crowds and was great fun to produce, earning us lots of accolades and even more fans. The set (with real doors and stairs!) was another triumph for our stage crew, who also constructed raked seating for the audiences.

In October 2015, our production of "The Late Edwina Black", a Victorian drama directed by Margau Wright, was extremely well received by our audiences. It was our first "serious" play and was presented in the round. It drew a new and different audience who gave us extremely positive feedback, so we intend to present more drama in the not too distant.

Not to disappoint our panto fans, we also put on "Aladdin, the Panto", directed by Jan Pitwell, in February 2016. Great fun for cast and crew, not to mention our audiences who thought it was hilarious!

"Carry on Macbeth!" was our first show, performed in October 2013 and loved by our audiences. It also attracted new members, both experienced and "newbies". In December 2014, flushed with success and a bigger cast, we followed up with "The Alternative Snow White", also a funny show, this time with singing and dancing, providing great entertainment for our audiences of all ages. Its director, Jan Pitwell, is a former professional dancer and choreographer.


Our fundraiser bbqs in the summers of 2015 and 2014 were well attended. Great food and company. And what's more, they raised some welcome funds for our forthcoming productions. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making them a success!

Our fame spread fast and in 2014 we were honoured to be asked by its organisers to participate in the celebrated Bridiers Fresque, a prestigious annual pageant that takes place every August on the medieval Bridiers Tower site, just outside La Souterraine. 


Many came to see some of us perform at the request of the Mairie in the amphitheatre in La Souterraine's "jardin public", next door to the church, in August 2015. A very funny, melodramatic, short sketch in French and English, called "Maria Martin or the Red Barn Murder".


We have also asked to take part in the carnival in La Souterraine.


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