Behind every great production is a great production team 



actors, play directors, creative geniuses, stagehands, wardrobe people, front-of-house, bar staff, techies...

We at CastawaysDrama appreciate our "behind-the-scenes" people at least as much as our actors and we welcome new members, whatever your age, size, sex, language, theatre experience...  The more active members we have, the more shows we can put on. We are currently working on "A Christmas Carol" to be performed at L'Ancienne Mairie, La Souterraine, in November, so now is a good time to join us!


Something for everyone, with or without experience

Have you a play in mind for us to produce? Would you like to direct, act or help behind the scenes? Don't hold back! Send us an email with your interests. We'd be delighted to hear from you.


ONLY 20 EUROS per person per year!

(Children and students free)


Why be a member?

  • many events are free or have preferential rates for members

  • you can take part in the shows (membership covers insurance)

  • you'll belong to a great crowd

  • you'll be contributing

  • you'll be appreciated and having FUN!

  • you'll be learning

  • and lots more...