Paul's blog

Paul Freeman is our sound engineer, ex-BBC no less, and writer and director of "Crossed Wireless", based on the real life experiences of his long career in broadcasting. 

No sooner had we started to rehearse for a short run in July, when Paul found out he had to undergo major heart surgery, and pretty promptly at that. Everything had to go on hold...

When I retired after 30-odd years working for the BBC, my biggest fear was that I wouldn't have enough to occupy my time, living in La Creuse. Ha! Poor misguided fool! As many have discovered before me, work expands to fill the time available – especially in La Creuse! First there was the house to renovate, then a choir to join, the opening of the English Library in Dun Le Palestel to assist with, a puppy to bring up, time with new friends and the repertoire of another choir to learn.

There was a new Association too, Castaways Drama and like all drama groups everywhere, always "needing men"!  Especially those with a bit of knowledge and lighting and sound kit!


The group needed a summer production, a play to suit the amount of people available and, failing to find anything with sufficiently few male players, I had written a play. So “Crossed Wireless” was cast and went into rehearsal earlier this year. Proving we never know what is around the corner, and not having felt at my  best, I went off to see my Doctor and after a few days of tests and seeing some fine experts, a date was fixed for surgery, and in Limoges CHU I had a five-bypass operation. Following weeks of rehabilitation in a wonderful gentle rural setting, I was soon on the road to recovery.

Still “taking it easy”, I now bring my first play “Crossed Wireless” to La Souterraine and its premier will be at the Ancienne Mairie, from Thursday to Saturday 7th, 8th and 9th December 2017 with a Saturday matinee - and you are warmly invited. In fact, it won't be the same without you.


Why not make it a Christmas outing with friends? You will enjoy a play set in a Radio Drama Studio in Broadcasting House, where three professional actors arrive to rehearse and record a Radio 4 afternoon play working with a Producer, his rather dipsy P.A. and a Studio Manager who says he's done sound effects for a play before (on his training course some years ago). What could possibly go wrong?

We have a bar, with decent wines or, if you prefer, we make a good cuppa, and you can book or buy tickets today.  Look forward to seeing you there. You may even decide to join the group!     


Tickets: only 10 Euros